Test Code Test Name
C1EST C1 Esterase Inhibitor, Protein [298]
C4DF C4d Fragment, EIA [4943X] [4943]
C199 CA 19-9 [4698]
CA199F CA 19-9, Peritoneal Fluid [17638X]
C2729 CA 27.29 [29493]
CABBGE Cabbage (f216) IgE [2632X]
CHIGE Cacao (Chocolate) (F93) IgE [2875]
CAD24U Cadmium, 24-Hour Urine [36434]
CADBLD Cadmium, Blood [299]
CAFF Caffeine [73998]
CAH21H CAH (21-Hydroxylase Deficiency) Common Mutations [14755]
CALCIT Calcitonin [30742]
VDCAL Calcitriol [16558]
24UCA Calcium (24Hr Urine) [70193]
CA Calcium [70167]
IOCAL Calcium, Ionized [306]
CAION Calcium, Ionized (whole blood) [73548]
UCAR Calcium, Random Urine [1633]
CALPRO Calprotectin, Stool [16796]
92475 CALRMT
C125 Cancer Antigen 125 (II) (Bayer) [29256]
C153 Cancer Antigen 15-3 (Bayer) [5819]
CAAL Candida Albican (M5), IgE [2705]
CANDAB Candida albicans Antibodies (IgG, IgA, IgM) [30440X]
CARB Carbamazepine [329]
CARBMF Carbamazepine, Free [18948]
CO2 Carbon Dioxide [70162]
COHGB Carbon Monoxide (Carboxyhemoglobin) [70278]
CEA Carcinoembryonic Antigen, CEA [978]
HSCRP Cardio CRP [10124]
LIPION Cardio IQ® Lipoprotein Fractionation, Ion Mobility [91604]
VITDIQ Cardio IQ® Vitamin D, 25-Hydroxy [91735]
ACAGMA Cardiolipin Antibodies (IgG/IgM/IgA) [75990]
ACAIGA Cardiolipin IGA Antibody [74311]
ACAIGG Cardiolipin IgG Antibody [74313]
ACAIGM Cardiolipin IGM Antibody [74312]
CARMNE Carmine/Red Dye Cochineal Extract (f340) IgE** [10625]
CARNIT Carnitine [70107]
CAROTN Carotene [311]
CARROT Carrot (f31) IgE [2831X]
CAISEE Casein (f78) IgE [2853]
CANT Cashew Nut (F202), IgE [2608]
CADA Cat Dander (E1), IgE [2601]
CATFVM Catecholamines, Fractionated and VMA, 24-Hour Urine [39626X]
24UCAT Catecholamines, Fractionated, 24-Hour Urine (without Creatinine) [318X]
CATPL Catecholamines, Fractionated, Plasma [314X]
CATFRU Catecholamines, Fractionated, Random Urine [5244]
CBC CBC & Platelet Count [70237]
CBCD CBC, & Diff [70230]
CD4 CD4 Absolute T Cell Count (FLOW Cytometry) [74143]
FLOWEZ CD57, CD3, CD8, Flow Cytometry [19860]
CEAFL CEA, Carcinoembryonic Antigen, Pancreatic Cyst Fluid [91930]
CEAPER CEA, Peritoneal Fluid [17421]
CELERY Celery (f85) IgE [2860X]
CELPK Celiac Disease Antibody Panel [73861]
FLDCT Cell Count & Diff, Body Fluid [6740]
CSFCT Cell Count & Diff, CSF [398]
71051 Cell Cycle Analysis (FLOW Cytometry)
ACMT Centromere IgG Antibody [76078]
CERU Ceruloplasmin [76683]
CHERRY Cherry (f242) IgE [2609X]
CHSTNT Chestnut (Sweet) (f299) IgE [2636X]
CHKPEA Chick Pea (Rf309) IgE [38958X]
CKFEAE Chicken Feathers (e85) IgE [2651X]
CHMEAT Chicken Meat (F83), IgE [2857]
CHALPA Childhood Allergy Profile IgE [10659]
CHILIP Chili Pepper (f279) IgE** [2610]
GCCTMA Chlamydia and GC, RNA, TMA [6919]
CTRNAB Chlamydia Trachomatis, RNA, TMA [8502]
GCTTMA Chlamydia, GC and Trichomonas [75773]
CHLMAB Chlamydia/Chlamydophila Antibody Panel 3 (IgG, IgA, IgM)
CHLMSP Chlamydia Species Culture [690x] [690]
CL Chloride [70161]
24UCL Chloride, 24-Hour Urine without Creatinine [11314]
UCLR Chloride, Urine [70290]
FLCHOL Cholesterol, Fluid [73928]
CHOL Cholesterol, Total [70123]
CHOLPL Cholinesterase, Plasma [335]
CHOLRP Cholinesterase, RBC and Plasma [338]
CHLDIB Cholinesterase, Serum, with Dibucaine Inhibition [7961]
CHROMU Chromium, 24-Hour Urine [10944X]
CHROMB Chromium, Blood [6085]
CHRMPL Chromium, Plasma [3484]
CHROMS Chromium, Serum [5248]
CHRMF8 Chromogenic Factor VIII (8) [76426]
CHROMA Chromogranin A [16379]
CHRMFL Chromosome Analysis and Alpha-Fetoprotein with Reflex to AchE and Fetal Hgb, Amniotic Fluid
CHRMAM Chromosome Analysis, Amniotic Fluid {14590}
CHRMBL Chromosome Analysis, Blood {14596}
CHRMTS Chromosome Analysis, Tissue (14593)
IGVH Chronic Lymphocytic Leukemia, IgVH Mutation Status, Cell-based [15480]
CHYMOT Chymotrypsin, Stool [11235X] [11235]
CINNMN Cinnamon (Rf220) IgE** [2637X]
CIRINH Circulating Anticoagulant (Inhibitor)
CKITMT c-kit Mutation Analysis, Cell-based [19961]
CLHER Cladosporium Herbarum (M2), IgE [2702]
CLIGE Clam (F207), IgE [8929]
71151 CLL/Lymphoma Profile (FLOW Cytometry)
CLOMIP Clomipramine [30013]
CLONZ Clonazepam [340]
CDIFF Clostridium Difficile Screen [75424]
CLOZPN Clozapine [1769]
CMVG CMV IgG Antibody [403]
CMVDNA CMV Quantitative PCR [74789]
COAGP Coagulation Profile [70430]
COBLTB Cobalt, Blood [35417]
COBALT Cobalt, Serum/Plasma [345]
COCMET Cocaine Metabolites GC/MS [5530Z]
COCC Coccidoides Antibody, Immunodiffusion [908]
COCKLE Cocklebur (w13) IgE [2413X]
COCH Cockroach (I6), IgE [2736]
COIGE Coconut (F36), IgE [2836]
COFI Codfish (F3), IgE [2803]
COFFEE Coffee (Rf221) IgE** [2915X]
349 COLD
CCNTEL Collagen Cross-Linked N-Telopeptide (NTx), Urine [36167]
CTELO Collagen Type I C-Telopeptide (CTx) [17406]
COLVNT ColoVantage® (Methylated Septin 9) [16983]
COPI Common Pigweed (W14), IgE [2414]
CORA Common Ragweed (Short) (W1), IgE [2401]
YEJAC Common Wasp, Yellow Jacket (I3), IgE [2733]
C4 Complement C4C [353]
C1Q Complement Component C1q [981]
C2 Complement Component C2 [433X]
C3 Complement Component C3C [351]
C6 Complement Component C6 [464]
C9 Complement Component C9 [34896]
CH50 Complement, Total (CH50) [618]
CHYPER Comprehensive Hypercoag Profile [74804]
CMP Comprehensive Metabolic Panel [10231]
TMETLU Comprehensive Toxic Metal Panel, 24-Hour Urine [37081]
COOXP Co-Oximeter Profile [70280]
COPPER Copper [363]
CPPR24 Copper, 24-Hour Urine [365]
COPPRR Copper, RBC [3481]
CORTAM Cortisol, A.M. [4212]
CORTFU Cortisol, Free, 24-Hour Urine with Creatinine, LC/MS/MS [11280X]
CORTF Cortisol, Free, LC/MS, Serum [36423]
CORTSL Cortisol, LC/MS, Saliva [19897]
CORTPM Cortisol, P.M. [4213]
CORT Cortisol, Total [367]
CTTNSD Cotton Seed (k83) IgE [23862X]
COWD Cottonwood (T14), IgE [2514]
WARFAR Coumadin [936Z] [936]
COW Cow Dander (e4) IgE [2604X]
CBURQL Coxiella burnetii DNA, Qualitative Real-Time PCR [16596X]
COXSKA Coxsackie A Antibodies, Serum [37477X]
CXSCKB Coxsackie B (1-6) Antibodies, Serum [7656X]
CPEP C-Peptide [372]
CPK CPK Total [70322]
CRIGE Crab (F23), IgE [2823]
CRP C-Reactive Protein [4420]
CKISO Creatine Kinase Isoenzymes (CK Isoenzymes) with Total CK [4451]
CRET Creatinine [70174]
CRCL Creatinine Clearance [70228]
CRETB Creatinine W/eGFR [11360]
FLCRET Creatinine, Misc Fluid [70249]
24UCR Creatinine, Quant, U24 [70197]
UCRR Creatinine, Random Urine [8459]
CRYOB Cryoglobulin (%Cryocrit), Serum [36562]
CRYOG Cryoglobulin Screen with Reflex to Cryoglobulin Panel [37358]
CRYPAB Cryptococcus Antibody [30429]
CRYBL Cryptococcus Antigen [4561]
CRYCSF Cryptococcus Antigen, CSF [4125]
CREX Crystal Examination, Body Fluid [3134]
CUCMBR Cucumber (f244) IgE [2639X]
CLOAT Cultivated Oat (g14) IgE [2314X]
CLRYE Cultivated Rye Grass (g12) IgE [2312X]
CUAFBL Culture, Acid Fast (Blood) [73787]
CULANA Culture, Anaerobic Bacterium [4469]
CULAUT Culture, Autoclave [70918]
CULBLD Culture, Blood [389]
CULMIS Culture, Body Fluid [70881]
CULBRU Culture, Brucella [71264]
CULMIS Culture, Cerebrospinal Fluid (CSF) [70881]
CULCX Culture, Cerv / Vag [70916]
CULCF Culture, Cystic Fibrosis [73690]
CULMIS Culture, Ear [70881]
CULENV Culture, Enviromental [4479]
CULFUO Culture, Fungus [70374]
CULLEL Culture, Legionella [688]
CULMIS Culture, Lesion [70881]
CULMIS Culture, Misc Source [70881]
CULAFB Culture, Mycobacterium [4554]
CULGC Culture, Neisseria Gonorrhoeae (GC) [480]
CULNOS Culture, Nose [4483]
CULREG Culture, Respiratory Secretions [3931]
CULURN Culture, Routine Urine [395]
CULMIS Culture, Skin [70881]
CULSTL Culture, Stool [6649]
CULSTR Culture, Streptococcus, Group B [8605]
CULTHR Culture, Throat [3961]
CULGEN Culture, Uro-Genital [4558]
CULVIB Culture, Vibrio [75215]
CULWND Culture, Wound [4446]
CULYST Culture, Yeast [9743]
CULYER Culture, Yersinia [4487]
CYNIDE Cyanide, Blood [400]
CCPIGG Cyclic Citrullinated Peptide, CCP, AB, IgG [11173]
CYCLOS Cyclospora and Isospora Examination [10018X]
CYCL Cyclosporin, Whole Blood [70356]
CRYSAG Cyrptosporidium EIA [76073]
CFGSCR Cystic Fibrosis Carrier Screen [10458]
CYSTIC Cystic Fibrosis D1152H Mutation Analysis [15335X]
CYSTIN Cystine, 24-Hour Urine [10947X]
P450GT Cytochrome P450 2C9 Genotype [11294X]
CYTOGT Cytochrome P450 2D6 Genotype [10490]
74315 Cytology Non-Gyn
74315 Cytology Non-GYN, Anal Pap Smear
74315 Cytology Non-GYN, Breast Drainage
74315 Cytology Non-GYN, Brushing
74315 Cytology Non-GYN, Fine Needle Aspiration
74315 Cytology Non-GYN, Miscellaneous Specimen I
74315 Cytology Non-GYN, Miscellaneous Specimen II
74315 Cytology Non-GYN, Oral Smear
74315 Cytology Non-GYN, Pleural Fluid
74315 Cytology Non-Gyn, Skin Scraping
74315 Cytology Non-GYN, Sputum
74315 Cytology Non-GYN, Tzanck
74315 Cytology Non-GYN, Urine
74315 Cytology Non-GYN, Washing or Lavage
CMVM Cytomegalovirus Antibody IgM [76437]
CMVIDX Cytomegalovirus IgG Avidity [19583]
CMVPAN Cyytomegalovirus IgG & IgM Antibodies [6732]