Test Code Test Name
19385 B Cells: (CD19)
191288 B72.3, IHC with Interpretation [19128X]
19287 B72.3, IHC without Interpretation [19287X]
17231 Babesia duncani (WA1) Antibody (IgG), IFA
34300 Babesia microti Antibodies (IgG, IgM), IFA
37314 Babesia microti DNA, Real-Time PCR
7265 Baclofen, Serum/Plasma [36662X]
17221 Bacterial 16S rDNA Sequencing
3380 Bacterial Identification and Susceptibility, Aerobic [14673X]
3381 Bacterial Identification, Aerobic [34118X]
900488 Bacterial Identification, Anaerobic [4471X]
14577 Bacterial Vaginosis/Vaginitis Panel [14577X]
23178 Bahia Grass (g17) IgE [2317X]
2619 Bamboo Shoot (Phyllostachys pubescens) (f51) IgE
89268 Banana (f92) IgE [8926X]
18971 Barbiturate Presumptive Screen, Blood [17453X]
189764 Barbiturate Presumptive Screen, Meconium
17454 Barbiturates Presumptive Screen, Serum
408501 Barbiturates, Confirmation by GCMS, Blood
40864 Barbiturates, Confirmation by GCMS, Meconium
4082 Barbiturates, Confirmation by GCMS, Serum [7377X]
4087 Barbiturates, GCMS, Urine [8416Z]
1760 Barium, Serum/Plasma [5375X]
28068 Barley (f6) IgE [2806X]
113764 Bartonella Antibody Panel, IFA (CSF) [17778X]
6639 Bartonella DNA, Real-Time PCR [11108X]
37671 Bartonella henselae Antibodies (IgG, IgM) with Reflex to Titers
94761 Bartonella henselae Antibody (IgG) with Reflex to Titer
36992 Bartonella quintana Antibodies (IgG, IgM) with Reflex to Titers
94764 Bartonella quintana Antibody (IgG) with Reflex to Titer
34251 Bartonella Species Antibodies (IgG, IgM) with Reflex to Titers
94510 Basic Drug Screen, Umbilical Cord Tissue
10165 Basic Metabolic Panel
34388 Basic Metabolic Panel w/o Calcium
19108 Basic Metabolic Panel without Glomerular Filtration Rate, Estimated (eGFR)
25648 Basil (Rf269) IgE** [2564X]
38268 Bass Black (Sea Bass) (Centropristis striata) IgE [38268X]
26288 Bay Leaf (Larus nobilis) IgE* [2628X]
30752 Bayberry (Wax Myrtle), IgE* [30752X]
91635 B-cell Clonality Panel (IGH, IGK), PCR
92717 B-Cell Phenotyping Profile for Immunodeficiency and Immune Competence Assessment, Blood
90362 B-Cell Receptor IGH Gene Rearrangement, PCR
90363 B-Cell Receptor IGK Gene Rearrangement, PCR
39584 bcl-2, IHC with Interpretation [39584X]
19130 bcl-2, IHC without Interpretation [19130X]
191319 bcl-6, IHC with Interpretation [19131X]
19268 bcl-6, IHC without Interpretation [19268X]
91065 BCR-ABL1 Gene Rearrangement, Quantitative, PCR
900161 Bean Black (Phaseolus spp) IgE*
900525 Bean Navy / White (Phaseolus vulgaris) IgE
900534 Bean Pinto IgE* [37926X]
2505 Beech (t5) IgE
28278 Beef (f27) IgE [2827X]
30766 Beetroot (Beta vulgaris) (f319) IgE**
17404 Bence Jones Protein Panel, 24 Hour Urine [17404X]
7729 Bence Jones Protein, Quantitative
17405 Bence Jones Protein, Random Urine [17405X]
3353 Benzene, Blood
19131 Benzodiazepine Verification, by GC/MS, Blood
19132 Benzodiazepine Verification, by GCMS, Serum
19137 Benzodiazepine, Confirmation by GCMS, Urine [14967X]
23095 Benzodiazepines Panel, Blood [23095X]
18297 Benzodiazepines Presumptive Screen, Urine [36388X]
18292 Benzodiazepines Screen, Serum/Plasma
37576 Benzodiazepines Screen, Serum/Plasma
4429 Benzodiazepines, Serum [70071X]
1821 Benztropine, Serum or Plasma [6055X]
191328 BerEP4, IHC with Interpretation [19132X]
19289 BerEP4, IHC without Interpretation [19289X]
23028 Bermuda Grass (g2) IgE [2302X]
14737 Beryllium, Serum/Plasma [7131X]
191348 Beta Chorionic Gonadotropin, IHC with Interpretation [19134X]
19290 Beta Chorionic Gonadotropin, IHC without Interpretation [19290X]
16346 Beta Globin Gene Dosage Analysis
91902 Beta Melanocyte Sitmulating Hormone
38994 Beta-2 Microglobulin, Random Urine with Creatinine
18112 Beta-2 Microglobulin/Creatinine Profile (mcg/g)
10640 Beta-2 Transferrin
16176 Beta2-Adrenergic Receptor Mutations [16176X]
30340 Beta-2-Glycoprotein I Antibodies (IgG, IgA, IgM)
91244 Beta-2-Glycoprotein I Antibodies (IgG, IgM)
36552 Beta-2-Glycoprotein I Antibody (IgA)
36554 Beta-2-Glycoprotein I Antibody (IgG)
36553 Beta-2-Glycoprotein I Antibody (IgM)
5500 Beta-2-Microglobulin, CSF
852 Beta-2-Microglobulin, Serum
49448 Beta-2-Microglobulin, Urine [4944X]
94628 Beta-Amyloid 42/40 Ratio and Apolipoprotein E (ApoE) Isoform Panel, CSF
94627 Beta-Amyloid 42/40 Ratio, CSF
90144 Beta-catenin, IHC with Interpretation
90194 Beta-catenin, IHC without Interpretation
16182 Beta-fibrinogen-455G>A Mutation [16182X]
14974 Beta-Globin Complete
91709 Beta-Globin Complete™, Fetus
39168 Beta-Glucosidase, Leukocytes
69484 Beta-Human Chorionic Gonadotropin, Quantitative, Spinal Fluid
49182 Beta-Hydroxybutyrate [37054Z]
2852 Beta-lactoglobulin (f77) IgE
42497 Bicarbonate, Urine [3210X]
116992 Bile Acids, Fractionated and Total [4668X]
19546 Bile Acids, Pregnancy
14801 Bile Acids, Total
117397 Bile Acids, Urine
93806 Bilirubin, Body Fluid
285 Bilirubin, Direct
7286 Bilirubin, Fractionated
287 Bilirubin, Total
391 Biotin (Vitamin B7) [391Z]
701328 Biotinidase [70132X]
16537 Biotinidase Activity with Reflex to Gene Sequencing
16526 Biotinidase Deficiency Gene Sequencing
25038 Birch (t3) IgE [2503X]
17811 Bird Fancier's Precipitin Panel I
5374 Bismuth, Blood
6060 Bismuth, Random Urine
93196 Bisphenol A - Total (Conjugated/Unconjugated), Urine
11068 BK and JC Virus DNA, Qualitative Real-Time PCR
18889 BK Virus DNA, Qualitative Real-Time PCR, CSF
15296 BK Virus DNA, Qualitative Real-Time PCR, Plasma [11351X]
16553 BK Virus DNA, Qualitative Real-Time PCR, Urine
11274 BK Virus DNA, Quantitative Real-Time PCR, Plasma
16581 BK Virus DNA, Quantitative Real-Time PCR, Urine
18901 BK Virus DNA, Quantitative, Real-Time PCR, CSF
38482 Black Olive (Rf342) IgE**
2561 Black Pepper (f280) IgE [2561X]
2630 Blackberry (f211) IgE**
92107 Blackberry IgG
10107 Bladder Cancer, FISH
0492 Blastomyces Antibody Panel, CF and ID [70070X]
11908 Blastomyces Antibody, Complement Fixation, Serum [933X]
932 Blastomyces Antibody, Immunodiffusion, Serum
394758 Blastomyces dermatitidis Identification, DNA Probe [39475X]
3299 Blomia tropicalis (d201) IgE
103 Blood Culture [389X]
79453 Blood Culture II, Aerobic
79454 Blood Culture II, Anaerobic
794 Blood Culture II, Progressive
79450 Blood Culture II, Progressive
4354 Blood Culture Profile (Aerobic and Anaerobic)
11455 Blood Culture, Aerobic
11456 Blood Culture, Anaerobic
10350 Blood Culture, Progressive #2
10351 Blood Culture, Progressive #3
10352 Blood Culture, Progressive #4
27388 Blood Worm (i73) IgE [2738X]
90872 Bloom Syndrome DNA Mutation Analysis
28378 Blue Mussel (f37) IgE [2837X]
25688 Blueberry (Rf288) IgE** [2568X]
19416 BOB1, IHC with Interpretation [19416X]
19417 BOB1, IHC without Interpretation [19417X]
8495 Body Fluid Cell Count [20913X]
13343 Bordetella Pertussis Profile #1
37294 Bordetella pertussis toxin (PT) Antibodies (IgG, IgA), MAID
37295 Bordetella pertussis toxin (PT) Antibody (IgG), Immunoassay
595 Bordetella pertussis/parapertussis Culture [5260X]
11365 Bordetella pertussis/parapertussis DNA, Qualitative, Real-Time PCR
34966 Bordetella pertussis/parapertussis Smear, DFA
5301 Boron, Serum/Plasma
39684 Borrelia miyamotoi Antibodies (IgG, IgM), Immunoassay
93795 Borrelia miyamotoi DNA, Real-Time PCR, Miscellaneous
93794 Borrelia miyamotoi DNA, Real-Time PCR, Tick
900287 Borrelia species DNA Detection by PCR, Serum (NY)
66478 Botrytis cinerea (m7) IgE [6647X]
39314 BPGM Full Gene Sequencing
16767 BRAF Mutation Analysis
90477 BRAF Mutation Analysis, Papillary Thyroid Cancer
39549 Bran Wheat IgE* [39549X]
28188 Brazil Nut (f18) IgE [2818X]
94464 Brazil Nut (f18) IgE with Reflex to Component
94469 Brazil Nut Component
91864 BRCAvantage®, Ashkenazi Jewish Screen
92140 BRCAvantage®, Ashkenazi Jewish Screen with Reflex to BRCAvantage®, Comprehensive
91863 BRCAvantage®, Comprehensive
91866 BRCAvantage®, Rearrangements
2631 Broccoli (f260) IgE
23118 Brome Grass (g11) IgE [2311X]
0632 Bromides, Serum [17485X]
91068 Brucella Antibodies (IgG, IgM), EIA with Reflex to Agglutination
982 Brucella Antibody, Agglutination
25698 Brussel Sprouts (f217) IgE [2569X]
37386 B-Type Natriuretic Peptide (BNP)
28118 Buckwheat (f11) IgE [2811X]
16034 Bullous Pemphigoid BP180 Antibody
16136 Bullous Pemphigoid BP230 Antibody
38410 Bumble Bee Venom (Bombus terrestris) (i205) IgE**
2968 BUN/Creatinine Ratio with eGFR [296X]
93031 Buprenorphine and Metabolites, LC/MS/MS, Serum
16314 Buprenorphine, Quantitative, Urine
38821 Bupropion and Metabolite, Blood
8592 Bupropion and Metabolite, Serum/Plasma