Test Code Test Name
CENTAB Autoantibodies To Centromere B
CTXS C Telopeptide (Ctx) Serum
CTX C Telopeptide Urine
CDIFPCR C.Difficile (Tcdb) Gene By Pcr
298 C1 Esterase Inhibitor, Protein
C1QAB C1Q Autoantibody
C2 C2 Complement, Functional
C4 C3
C3 C3
C3F C3 Complement,Functional
CA153S CA 15-3
CA15F Ca 15-3 - Fluid
4698 CA 19-9
CADA Cadasil
CADM Cadmium,Blood
CADU Cadmium,Urine
CAFF Caffeine
CAH Cah Detx
CAH5 Cah Profile 5
CAH6 Cah Profile 6
CALCM Calcium
CVAB California Virus Igg,Igm Ab
16796 Calprotectin, Stool
CAMPAG Campylobacter Antigen
CAND Canavan Disease Mutation Analy
CA125 Cancer Antigen 125
CEABF Cancer Markers On Body Fld
CANCCF Cannabinoid Client Confirm
CFCANNA Cannabinoid Confirmation
CANCF Cannabinoid Confirmation
CAZTC Cannabinoid Confirmation
CANNSCR Cannabinoid Screening,Urine
CANS Cannabinoids,Serum
CARBA Carbamazepine(Tegretol)
CARBEP Carbamezapine-10,11-Epoxide
CARBO Carbohydrate,Urine
CO2 Carbon Dioxide
CARBT Carbon Tetrachloride
COHB Carboxyhemoglobin
CARIGE Carmine Dye/Red Dye Ige
CLAXP Cathartic Laxatives Profile
CLAX Cathartic Laxatives Profile,St
CATHIN Cathinone/Methcathinone,Ur
N-CBC CBC (Absolute Counts)
CBC CBC With Diff
HEMO CBC Without Diff
CD3 Cd3
CEFT Ceftazidime
CAHLA Celiac Associated Hla-Dq Typin
CELDP Celiac Disease Profile
CBPLAB Cell Bound Platelet Autoab, B
CCF Cell Count Fld (Smear)
METACU Ceramide Trihex/Sulf Accum,Ua
CSFGLU Cerebrospinal Fluid Glucose
CSFP Cerebrospinal Fluid Profile
CSFTP Cerebrospinal Fluid Total Protein
326 Ceruloplasmin
N-CHEM Chemistry Profile (Neonatal)
CHITO Chitotriosidase
CHL Chlamydia Antigen
CHHU Chloral Hydrate Urine
CL Chloride
CHP Chlorpropamide (Diabinese)
CHOL Cholesterol
CAPOC Chrom Analy:Prod Of Conception
CHROMI Chromium,Serum
16379 Chromogranin A
CMAC Chromosomal Microarray, Blood
CABM Chromosome-Bone Marrow
CAPB Chromosome-Peripheral Bld
CAT Chromosome-Tissue
CHEPB Chronic Hepatitis B
CIC Circulating Immunune Complex
CIT Citalopram (Celexa)
CLIN Clindamycin Level
CLO Clo Test-H.Pylori
CLOB Clobazam Level, Blood
340 Clonazepam
CLPU Clonazepam,Urine
CLONID Clonidine (Catapres)
FIXRL Coag Factor Ix Assay
FXIA Coag Factor Xi Activity Assay
FXIIRL Coag Factor Xii Assay
CGP Coag Profile With Interpretati
CGPWO Coagulation Profile W/O Interp
COB Cobalt,Blood
COCS Cocaine And Benzoylecgon,Serum
COCCCF Cocaine Client Confirmation
COCCF Cocaine Confirmation
CFCOCAI Cocaine Confirmation
COCMAYO Coccidioides Ab
COCCAG Coccidioides Quant Antigen
COG Cogentine (Benztropine)
COLC Colchicine
COLDS Cold Agglutinin Screen (titer done if positive)
CD Collagen (Arthritis) Panel
MYTOC Comp.Myotonic Dystrophy
618 Complement, Total (CH50)
CMP Comprehensive Metabolic Panel
363 Copper
COPL Copper,Liver Tissue
Q10RT Coq10,Reduced And Total, Plasm
CORDABG Cord Arterial Blood Gas
CORDVBG Cord Venous Blood Gas
CRF Corticotropin Releasing Factor
CORTA Cortisol AM
CORTP Cortisol PM
CORTS Cortisol Saliva
CORTPD Cortisol, Post Dose
UCORAN Cortisol,Free - Random Urine
CORTPDR Cortisol,Pre Dose Random
URCORF Cortisol/Cortisone Free R,Ur
CPEPT C-Peptide
CRP C-Reactive Protein
CPK Creatine Phosphokinase
CREAT Creatinine
CRNGFR Creatinine/GFR Profile
CRYOG Cryoglobulin
CRYOQN Cryoglobulin, Serum & Plasma
CAGCSF Cryptococcal Antigen, CSF
CRAGUR Cryptococcal Antigen, Urine
CAGSER Cryptococcal Antigen,Serum
CSFCT CSF Cell Count
CSFCL CSF Chloride
CUI Cu Index
IDRL Culture Refer For Id, Aerobic
CUTIM Cutaneous Immunofluor.Biopsy
CYAN Cyanide
CAMP Cyclic Amp,Urinary Excretion
CYCL Cyclospora Sp.Detection Stain
15220 Cyclosporine A Trough, LC/MS/MS, Blood
CYAB Cysticercosis,Igg Ab
CYUP Cystine Urine Profile
14941 Cytochrome P450 2C9 Genotype (NY) [11295X]
CYTORL Cytology Consult - Referred
CO Cytology Order
CONG Cytology Order (Non-Gyn) Lp
COL Cytology Order Lifepoint
CMVAB Cytomegalovirus Ab - IgG & IgM
CMVPCRF Cytomegalovirus By Pcr,Ur&Csf
CMVC Cytomegalovirus Culture
10601 Cytomegalovirus DNA, Qualitative Real-Time PCR
CMVIGG Cytomegalovirus IgG
CMVIGM Cytomegalovirus IgM
IMBS Immunochemical MB
PR3AB Proteinase-3 Ab (C-Anca)