Test Code Test Name
CBL Bilirubin, Direct, Plasma or Serum
90158 D2-40, IHC with Interpretation
90208 D2-40, IHC without Interpretation
91115 Dabigatran with Reflex to Thrombin Time
24088 Dandelion (w8) IgE [2408X]
10713 Date (Tree) (Phoenix canariensis) (t214) IgE**
19191 DBA44 Hairy Cell, IHC with Interpretation [19191X]
19332 DBA44 Hairy Cell, IHC without Interpretation [19332X]
19982 DCP (Des-Gamma-Carboxy-Prothrombin)
8659 D-Dimer, Quantitative
DDTT D-Dimer, Quantitative, Plasma
219 Delta Aminolevulinic Acid, 24-Hour Urine
6301 Delta-Aminolevulinic Acid, Random Urine
93256 Dengue Fever Antibodies (IgG, IgM)
93192 Dengue Fever Antibodies (IgG, IgM) and NS1 Antigen Panel
37579 Dengue Fever Antibody (IgG)
37580 Dengue Fever Antibody (IgM)
92942 Dengue Virus NS1 Antigen
18928 Dengue Virus RNA, Qualitative, Real-Time PCR
90973 Deoxycorticosterone
27228 Dermatophagoides farinae (d2) IgE [2722X]
27218 Dermatophagoides pteronyssinus (d1) IgE [2721X]
412 Desipramine
19192 Desmin, IHC with Interpretation
193338 Desmin, IHC without Interpretation [19333X]
16033 Desmoglein Antibodies (1 and 3)
20472 Dexamethasone Suppression Test (DST), 1 Specimen [6921X]
15507 Dextro/Levo Methorphan, Urine, LC/MS/MS
1452 DHEA Sulfate [402X]
19894 DHEA, (Dehydroepiandrosterone), Unconjugated
92062 Diabetes and ASCVD Risk Panel with Scores
92027 Diabetes Risk Panel with Score
91920 Diabetes Risk Panel without Score
91712 Diabetes, Newly Diagnosed and Monitoring Panel
DP1 Diagnostic Profile 1
90853 Diazepam and Metabolite
900821 Digitoxin, Serum/Plasma [417Z]
418 Digoxin
DGNN Digoxin, Serum
92046 Dihydrolipoamide Dehydrogenase (DLD) Deficiency
90567 Dihydrotestosterone
36168 Dihydrotestosterone, Free, Serum
1795 Dilantin Profile
29188 Dill (Rf277) IgE** [2918X]
34042 Diphtheria and Tetanus Antitoxoids
4865 Diphtheria Antitoxoid
DAT/DATN Direct Antiglobulin Test, Blood
8293 Direct LDL
19701 Disaccharidases
7772 Disopyramide [416X]
DICPP Disseminated Intravascular Coagulation Profile
37092 DNA (ds) Antibody, Crithidia IFA with Reflex to Titer
26058 Dog Dander (e5) IgE [2605X]
30753 Dog Fennel (w46) IgE**
90161 DOG1, IHC with Interpretation
90211 DOG1, IHC without Interpretation
91986 Donor, Chagas Screen
17385 Donor, Chlamydia trachomatis/Neisseria gonorrhoeae, RNA, TMA
17388 Donor, Cytomegalovirus Antibody, Total
90557 Donor, Cytomegalovirus Antibody, Total with Reflex to (IgG, IgM)
19618 Donor, Cytomegalovirus Total with Reflex Non-donor CMV, IgM
17378 Donor, Hepatitis B Core Total Antibody
17375 Donor, Hepatitis B Surface Antigen Reflex to Confirmation
93305 Donor, Hepatitis C Antibody (Anti-HCV)
19854 Donor, HIV/HCV/HBV NAT Procleix® with Reflexes
94973 Donor, HIV-1/2 plus O Antibody Screen with Reflex to Differentiation
17380 Donor, HIV-1/HIV-2 plus O Antibody Screen
17379 Donor, HTLV-I/II Antibody Screen
93307 Donor, IVF Female Panel
93306 Donor, IVF Male Panel
93309 Donor, Stem Cells Donor Panel
93308 Donor, Tissue Donor Panel
19412 Donor, West Nile Virus, NAT
14762 Dopamine, Plasma
826 Doxepin
94093 Doxycyline
93891 DPPX Receptor Antibody, CBA IFA
22872 Drug Abuse Screen 5, without Confirmation, Serum [19766X]
46772 Drug Abuse Screen 7, with Confirmation, Serum [19767X]
94032 Drug Monitoring, Antidepressants, with Confirmation, Urine
94529 Drug Monitoring, Antipsychotics, with Confirmation, Serum
94528 Drug Monitoring, Antipsychotics, with Confirmation, Urine
CDUS Drug of Abuse (CDU) Screen, Urine
DS1 Drug Screen 1, Urine
45489 Drug Screen Panel 5, Meconium [454X]
30427 Drug Screen Panel 9, Meconium [30427X]
91358 Drug Test, General Toxicology, Blood
91360 Drug Test, General Toxicology, Serum/Plasma
91359 Drug Test, General Toxicology, Urine
93976 Drug Toxicology Alcohol Metabolite, with Confirmation, Oral Fluid
93977 Drug Toxicology Amphetamines, with Confirmation, Oral Fluid
93978 Drug Toxicology Barbiturates, with Confirmation, Oral Fluid
93979 Drug Toxicology Benzodiazepines, with Confirmation, Oral Fluid
93980 Drug Toxicology Cocaine, with Confirmation, Oral Fluid
93981 Drug Toxicology Marijuana, with Confirmation, Oral Fluid
93982 Drug Toxicology MDMA, with Confirmation, Oral Fluid
93983 Drug Toxicology Meprobamate, with Confirmation, Oral Fluid
93984 Drug Toxicology Methadone, with Confirmation, Oral Fluid
93974 Drug Toxicology Methylphenidate, with Confirmation, Oral Fluid
93975 Drug Toxicology Monitoring 1, with Confirmation, Oral Fluid
92141 Drug Toxicology Monitoring Alcohol Metabolites, Quantitative, Urine
90418 Drug Toxicology Monitoring Alcohol Metabolites, with Confirmation, Urine
36862 Drug Toxicology Monitoring Base Panel, with Confirmation, Oral Fluid
36276 Drug Toxicology Monitoring, Fentanyl, Screen, Urine
36277 Drug Toxicology Monitoring, Fentanyl, with Confirmation, Urine
93985 Drug Toxicology Naltrexone, with Confirmation, Oral Fluid
93986 Drug Toxicology Nicotine, with Confirmation, Oral Fluid
93987 Drug Toxicology Opioids, with Confirmation, Oral Fluid
93988 Drug Toxicology Phencyclidine, with Confirmation, Oral Fluid
93990 Drug Toxicology Zolpidem, with Confirmation, Oral Fluid
26648 Duck Feathers (e86) IgE [2664X]
16823 Duloxetine, Serum/Plasma
37862 Dust Panel #1
14733 d-Xylose Absorption Test, Blood, 1 Hour [1199X]
147502 d-Xylose Absorption Test, Blood, 2 Hour [7553X]
14727 d-Xylose Absorption Test, Blood, Fasting [1198X]
11613 d-Xylose Absorption Test, Urine [941X]
14678 Dystonia (DYT1) DNA Test