Test Code Test Name
25078 Oak (t7) IgE [2507X]
17142 Oak Red (Quercus Rubra) IgE [34930X]
28078 Oat (f7) IgE [2807X]
OB Obstetric Profile
OCCB Occult Blood, Feces
19435 OCT2, IHC with Interpretation [19435X]
2622 Octopus (f59) IgE
18657 Octreotide/Sandostatin® (Plasma/Serum)
70073 Olanzapine
674 Oligoclonal Bands (IgG), CSF
25098 Olive Tree (t9) IgE [2509X]
91001 Omega-3 and -6 Fatty Acids
92701 OmegaCheck®
28488 Onion (f48) IgE [2848X]
18279 Opiate, Confirmation, Serum [19483X]
209064 Opiates, Confirmation, Meconium
27727 Opiates, Confirmation, Urine [14968X]
15475 Opiates, Expanded, Urine
OPIU Opiates, Qualitative, Urine
28338 Orange (f33) IgE [2833X]
38247 Orange (f33) IgG
90562 OraRisk® HPV
23038 Orchard Grass (Cocksfoot) (g3) IgE [2303X]
30458 Oregano (Rf283) IgE** [3045X]
AID Organism for Aerobic Identification
NID Organism for Anaerobic Identification
15377 Orris Root IgE* [39459X]
968 Osmolality, Feces
OSM Osmolality, Plasma, Serum, or Urine
17263 Osmotic Gap, Feces
16322 Osteocalcin, N-MID
2679 Ova and Parasites, Concentrate and Permanent Smear [681X]
OAP Ova and Parasites, Feces
2719 Ovalbumin (f232) IgE
10328 Ovarian Antibody Screen with Reflex to Titer, IFA
3046 Ovomucoid (f233) IgE
14468 Oxalic Acid, 24-Hour Urine with Creatinine  [682X]
11318 Oxalic Acid, 24-Hour Urine without Creatinine
14467 Oxalic Acid, Adult, Urine with Creatinine [10456X]
15840 Oxalic Acid, Pediatric Urine [11222X]
36637 Oxcarbazepine Metabolite
24078 Oxeye Daisy (w7) IgE [2407X]
92769 OxLDL
10985 Oxycodone and Metabolite Total, Urine
18885 Oxycodone and Metabolite, Quantitative, Serum
36727 Oxycodone Screen
138557 Oxycodone, Confirmation, Urine [36664X]
14450 Oxycodone, Screen and Confirmation, Urine [14450X]
8932 Oyster (f290) IgE [8932X]