Test Code Test Name
VWP Vaginal Wet Prep
92051 Walker-Warburg Syndrome
34368 Wall Pellitory (w19) IgE [3436X]
33468 Wall Pellitory (w21) IgE [3346X]
34898 Walnut (f256) IgE [3489X]
94467 Walnut (f256) IgE with Reflex to Component Panel
38021 Walnut Food English (Juglans regia) IgE* [38021X]
25108 Walnut Tree, Californian (t10) IgE [2510X]
30755 Watermelon (Rf329) IgE** [30755X]
16012 West Nile Virus (IgM), Serum
36597 West Nile Virus Antibodies (IgG, IgM), CSF
36596 West Nile Virus Antibodies (IgG,IgM), ELISA, Serum [36596X]
16013 West Nile Virus Antibody (IgM), CSF
25862 Western Equine Encephalitis Virus IgM Ab, IFA (Serum)
24028 Western Ragweed (w2) IgE [2402X]
WETP Wet Preparation Smear
FWP Wet Preparation, Fungus
SCAW Wet Preparation, Scabies
STRO Wet Preparation, Sputum
28048 Wheat (f4) IgE [2804X]
30337 Wheat (f4) IgG
32488 Whey (f236) IgE [3248X]
25158 White Ash (t15) IgE [2515X]
28158 White Bean (f15) IgE [2815X]
WBCD White Blood Cell Count and Differential, Blood
WBC White Blood Cell Count, Blood
SWBC White Blood Cell Count, Stool
2570 White Mulberry (t70) IgE [2570X]
25168 White Pine (t16) IgE [2516X]
27328 White-Faced Hornet (i2) IgE [2732X]
39499 Whitefish, IgE* [39499X]
29198 Whole Egg (f245) IgE [2919X]
23708 Wild Rye Grass (g70) IgE [2370X]
25128 Willow (t12) IgE [2512X]
16896 Wilms Tumor 1 (WT1) Mutation Analysis
19280 Wilms' Tumor-1, IHC with Interpretation [19280X]
194118 Wilms' Tumor-1, IHC without Interpretation [19411X]
24058 Wormwood (w5) IgE [2405X]
783 Wound Culture II
78350 Wound Culture II - Specimen #1
78351 Wound Culture II, Specimin #2
WSE Wright Stain for Eosinophils