Test Code Test Name
0382 Adenovirus Antibody, Serum [686X]
10018 Cyclospora and Isospora Examination [10018X]
10027 IgM, IHC with Interpretation [10027X]
10028 IgD, IHC with Interpretation [10028X]
10063 Myelin Associated Glycoprotein (MAG) Antibody, with Reflex to MAG-SGPG and MAG, EIA
10104 Myasthenia Gravis Panel 2
10140 Ri Antibody Screen with Reflex to Titer and Western Blot
10156 Lactoferrin, Qualitative, Stool
10170 Protein S Antigen, Free
10203 Fluoride, Plasma
102208 Therapeutic and Drugs of Abuse Screen, Hair [10220X]
10226 Cystic Fibrosis DNA Analysis, Fetus
10262 Maternal Cell Contamination Study, STR Analysis
10290 Porphyrins, Total, Plasma
10328 Ovarian Antibody Screen with Reflex to Titer, IFA
10458 Cystic Fibrosis Screen
10481 Rape Seed (Rf316) IgE [10481X]
10490 Cytochrome P450 2D6 Genotype
105 Culture, Fungus, Miscellaneous Source [37960X]
10529 Hepatitis B Virus Drug Resistance, Genotype, and BCP/Precore Mutations
10600 Cytomegalovirus DNA, Quantitative, Real-Time PCR
10601 Cytomegalovirus DNA, Qualitative Real-Time PCR
10611 A. phagocytophilum/E. chaffeensis Antibody Panel
106128 Gum Xanthan IgE* [10612X]
10659 Childhood Allergy (Food and Environmental) Profile [10659X]
10662 Mycophenolic Acid, LC/MS/MS
10663 Factor X Activity, Chromogenic
10674 Helminthosporium sativum/Drecshlera IgE* [10674X]
10707 Human Platelet Antigen 1 Genotype
10716 Lupus Panel 4 with ANA, IFA with Reflex to Titer and Pattern
10719 Cyclosporine A Peak (2 Hour), Blood
10720 Cyclosporine A Panel (Trough, 1 Hour, 2 Hour Post)
10724 Tilapia IgE* [10724X]
10913 Cystic Fibrosis Rare Variant Analysis, One Exon
10915 Cystic Fibrosis Rare Variant Analysis, Two Exon
10917 Cystic Fibrosis Complete Rare Variant Analysis, Entire Gene Sequence
10924 von Willebrand Factor Collagen Binding Assay
10976 PSA, Post Prostatectomy with HAMA Treatment
10981 Rituxan Sensitivity (CD20)
10985 Oxycodone and Metabolite Total, Urine