Test Code Test Name
C AFB Smr Con AFB Culture W/AFB Sm and Conc
CaIon Calcium Ionized
5136 Ibuprofen, Serum/Plasma
913 Identification and Antibiotic Susceptibility, Urine
3528 IgA Subclasses [34188X]
19223 IgA, IHC with Interpretation [19223X]
19359 IgA, IHC without Interpretation [19359X]
10028 IgD, IHC with Interpretation [10028X]
6042 IgD, Serum [541X]
18877 IgE Antibody (Anti-IgE IgG)
36590 IGF Binding Protein-1 (IGFBP-1)
70782 IGF Binding Protein-2 [37102X]
34458 IGF Binding Protein-3 (IGFBP-3)
19429 IGF-1 Receptor (IGF-1R), IHC with Interpretation [19429X]
16293 IGF-1, LC/MS
16690 IgG, IgA, Indirect Immunofluorescence, Serum [16690X]
19225 IgG, IHC with Interpretation [19225X]
19360 IgG, IHC without Interpretation [19360X]
91315 IgG4, IHC with Interpretation
91316 IgG4, IHC without Interpretation
10027 IgM, IHC with Interpretation [10027X]
19227 IgM, IHC without Interpretation
887 Imipramine
IPF Immature Platelet Fraction
15435 Immune Cell Function [15435X]
36735 Immune Complex Detection by C1q Binding
IEPS Immunoelectrophoresis
UIEP Immunoelectrophoresis Urine
U24IFE Immunoelectrophoresis Urine 24 Hr + Total Protein Urine 24 H
IMMUFIX Immunofixation CS
125206 Immunofixation Electrophoresis #3, 24-Hour Urine
539 Immunoglobulin A
542 Immunoglobulin E
543 Immunoglobulin G
IGGAbSubclass Immunoglobulin G Ab Subclass
IGGAb4 Immunoglobulin G Antibody
IgA Immunoglobulin IgA Antibody
IgG Immunoglobulin IgG Antibody
IGGPN Immunoglobulin IgG IgM IgA CS
IgM Immunoglobulin IgM Antibody
545 Immunoglobulin M (IgM)
14502 Immunoglobulins G, A, M, with Total Kappa and Lambda Quantitation
8887 Industrial Cadmium Screen
18593 Infant Drug Abuse 9, Meconium - Screen Only [19858X]
267164 Infant Drug Abuse Screen, Meconium
26717 Infant Drug Abuse Screen, Urine
16503 Inflammatory Bowel Disease Differentiation Panel
FluAB Influenza A and B Screen
91335 Influenza A and B Virus with Subtyping, Real-Time PCR
16251 Influenza A Virus H1/H3 Subtyping by Real-Time RT-PCR
4892 Influenza Type A and B Antibodies, Serum  [7250X]
687 Influenza Type A Antibody, Serum
132852 Influenza Type B Antibody, Serum [4440X]
53782 Inhalent Allergy Panel
34445 Inhibin B
19228 Inhibin, IHC with Interpretation [19228X]
193618 Inhibin, IHC without Interpretation
15378 Insect Venom, Paper Wasp IgG [8640X]
17179 Insect Venom, White-Faced Hornet, IgG [8642X]
15443 Insect Venom, Yellow Hornet IgG [8639X]
36178 Insulin Autoantibody
ITT2 Insulin Tolerance 2 Hour CS
ITT3 Insulin Tolerance 3 Hour CS
ITT4 Insulin Tolerance 4 Hour CS
ITT5 Insulin Tolerance 5 Hour CS
ITT6 Insulin Tolerance 6 Hour CS
Insultot Insulin Total
27558 Insulin, Bovine (c71) IgE [2755X]
36700 Insulin, Free (Bioactive)
19229 Insulin, IHC with Interpretation [19229X]
193748 Insulin, IHC without Intepretation
27548 Insulin, Porcine (c70) IgE [2754X]
648799 Insulin, Qualitative
34887 Interferon-alpha
19509 Interferon-beta (IgG), MAID with Reflex to Neutralization [19509X]
34161 Interleukin 2 (IL-2)
1757 Interleukin-1 Beta
568 Intrinsic Factor Blocking Antibody
16602 Iodine, 24-Hour Urine
16601 Iodine, Random Urine
16599 Iodine, Serum/Plasma
Iron Iron Level
IrnStdyTIBCC2 Iron Studies w/TIBC Calc B
IRNSTFER Iron Studies w/TIBC Calc B w/ Ferritin CS
36741 Islet Cell Antibody Screen with Reflex to Titer
37917 Isocyanate HDI (k77) IgE [37917X]
37918 Isocyanate MDI (k76) IgE [37918X]
37919 Isocyanate TDI (k75) IgE [37919X]
29837 Isohemagglutinin Titer [29837X]
901266 Isoniazid, Level
7827 Isopropanol, Urine
2523 Italian Cypress (t23) IgE