Test Code Test Name
25078 Oak (t7) IgE [2507X]
17142 Oak Red (Quercus Rubra) IgE* [34930X]
28078 Oat (f7) IgE [2807X]
OBPNL Obstretric Panel CS
FecOBD4 Occult Blood Feces Diagnostic 1-3 D
GasOB3 Occult Blood Gastric w/pH A
19435 OCT2, IHC with Interpretation [19435X]
2622 Octopus (f59) IgE
18657 Octreotide/Sandostatin® (Plasma/Serum)
70073 Olanzapine
112471 Olanzapine and Metabolite, Blood
25098 Olive Tree (t9) IgE [2509X]
91001 Omega-3 and -6 Fatty Acids
28488 Onion (f48) IgE [2848X]
112378 ONTAK(R) Sensitivity (CD25) [11237X]
18279 Opiate Confirmation, GCMS, Serum [19483X]
20897 Opiate Metabolites [14539X]
27727 Opiate Metabolites by GCMS [14968X]
133001 Opiates - Total (Conjugated/Unconjugated), Blood [11052X]
13300 Opiates - Total (Conjugated/Unconjugated), Serum/Plasma [11053X]
18150 Opiates by GCMS, Urine [6232Z]
UOpiQlTx Opiates Urine Qual Lower Cutoff
20901 Opiates, Confirmation by GCMS, Blood
209064 Opiates, Confirmation by GCMS, Meconium
20902 Opiates, Confirmation by GCMS, Serum
18679 Opiates, Expanded Qualitative by GCMS, Urine [70186X]
209091 Opiates, GCMS, Bile (Postmortem only)
20908 Opiates, GCMS, Gastric
28338 Orange (f33) IgE [2833X]
90562 OraRisk® HPV
23038 Orchard Grass (Cocksfoot) (g3) IgE [2303X]
30458 Oregano (Rf283) IgE** [3045X]
47977 Orotic Acid, Urine [11061X]
15377 Orris Root IgE* [39459X]
OsmoDM Osmolality DM
UOsmoDM Osmolality Urine DM
968 Osmolality, Feces
17263 Osmotic Gap, Feces
16322 Osteocalcin, N-MID
O and P Ova and Parasites Stool
2679 Ova and Parasites, Concentrate and Permanent Smear [681X]
2719 Ovalbumin (f232) IgE
10328 Ovarian Antibody Screen with Reflex to Titer
3046 Ovomucoid (f233) IgE
14468 Oxalic Acid, 24-Hour Urine with Creatinine  [682X]
14467 Oxalic Acid, Adult, Urine with Creatinine [10456X]
15840 Oxalic Acid, Pediatric Urine with Creatinine [11222X]
36637 Oxcarbazepine Metabolite
24078 Oxeye Daisy (w7) IgE [2407X]
10985 Oxycodone and Metabolite Total, Urine [10985X]
18885 Oxycodone and Metabolite, Quantitative, Serum
36727 Oxycodone Screen
138557 Oxycodone, Confirmation by GCMS, Urine [36664X]
31118 Oxycodone, Qualitative, without Confirmation, Urine [3111X]
8932 Oyster (f290) IgE [8932X]