Test Code Test Name


17OHP 17-Hydroxyprogesterone, LC/MS/MS
5HIAB 5-Hydroxyindoleacetic Acid (5-HIAA), 24-Hour Urine [523X]
19282X AAC, IHC without Interpretation [19282X]
16029X ABL Kinase Domain Mutation in CML, Cell-based
ABORH ABO Blood Group and Rh Type
IL28B AccuType® IL28B
ACETM Acetaminophen
ACETO Acetone
CXAFB Acid Fast Bacillus (AFB), Culture
CXBLA Acid Fast Culture, Blood
AFBST Acid Fast, Stain
AABG Actin (Smooth Muscle) Antibody (IgG) [15043X]
APTFC Activated Partial Thromboplastin Time, Blood
ACTPR Activated Protein C Resistance [22X]
VWFPA ADAMTS13 Activity with Reflex to Inhibitor [14532X]
17698 Adenosine Deaminase, CSF
ADDPL Adenosine Deaminase, Pleural Fluid
ADEAG Adenovirus Antigen Detection, Gastroenteritis, EIA
ADENO Adenovirus Culture [38929X]
ADENQ Adenovirus DNA, Qualitative Real-Time PCR [16046X]
ADRTP Adenovirus DNA, Quantitative Real-Time PCR [19726X]
19284X Adrenocorticotropic Hormone, IHC without Interpretation [19284X]
CXBAN Aerobic and Anaerobic Blood Culture
ALT Alanine Aminotransferase
ALB Albumin
FALB Albumin, Body Fluid
ALC Alcohol
ALDRQ Aldosterone, 24 Hr. Urine [19552X]
ALDOS Aldosterone, LC/MS/MS [17181X]
ALPRA Aldosterone/Plasma Renin Activity Ratio, LC/MS/MS
TSALK Alk Phos Fractionation by Heat
ALP Alkaline Phospatase
ALPQ Alkaline Phosphatase Isoenzymes [231X]
ALMNQ Almond (f20) IgE [2820X]
ALAHC Alpha 1-Antitrypsin, IHC without Interpretation [19283X]
A1AT Alpha-1-Antitrypsin
A1APH Alpha-1-Antitrypsin (AAT) Phenotype [853X]
AIAQN Alpha-1-Antitrypsin, Quantitative