Test Code Test Name
716124 (CTC) Alpha-Globin Gene Deletion or Duplication
716116 (CTC) Alpha-Globin Gene Sequencing
716346 (CTC) Beta Globin Gene Dosage Analysis
70136 (CTC) CFvantage® Cystic Fibrosis Expanded Screen
70279 (CTC) Chromosome Analysis, Hematologic Malignancy
70547 (CTC) Cytochrome P450 2C9 Genotype
715538 (CTC) Dihydropyrimidine Dehydrogenase (DPD) Gene Mutation Analysis
70369 (CTC) FISH, X-Linked Ichthyosis Steroid Sulfatase Deficiency
70500 (CTC) Pain Management, CYP450 3A4 Genotype, Qualitative
718041C (CTC) SMA Carrier Screen
736494 (CTC) von Willebrand Disease Gene Sequencing
10378 1,5-Anhydroglucitol (1,5-AG), Intermediate Glycemic Control
30543 11-Deoxycortisol
12038 17 Hydroxypregnenolone, 1h
37733 17 OH Progesterone,60 min (Client 6374)
39488 17-Hydroxy Progesterone, Urine
11459 17-Hydroxycorticosteroids, Urine
8352 17-Hydroxypregnenolone
17180 17-Hydroxyprogesterone
17654 17-Hydroxyprogesterone Neonatal/Infant
4952CS 17-Hydroxyprogesterone Response to ACTH (Baseline, 30, 60) (Client 5220)
17682X 17-Hydroxyprogesterone Response to ACTH Stimulation
94621 18-Hydroxycorticosterone
16533X 19911A>G Mutation Analysis
10041 2,3-Dinor 11 Beta-Prostaglandin F2 Alpha, Random, Urine
10109 2,3-Dinor-11 Beta-Prostaglandin F2 Alpha, 24 Hour, Urine
12730 2,4-Dihydroxyglutarate, Urine with Creatinine
39226 21- Hydroxylase Antibody
92208 3a-Androstanediol Glucuronide, ELISA
39044 3-Hydroxy-3-Methylglutaryl-Coenzyme A Reductase (HMGCR) Antibody (IgG)
671Z 5' Nucleotidase
9936N 5-Hydroxyindoleacetic Acid (5-HIAA), 24-Hour Urine with Creatinine (39625X)
523 5-Hydroxyindoleacetic Acid (5-HIAA), 24-Hour Urine without Creatinine
84871N 5-Hydroxyindoleacetic Acid (5-HIAA), Random Urine with Creatinine (1648X)
17664X 7-Dehydrocholesterol
38766 Abalone (f346) IgE
38766 Abalone (f346) IgE
38766 Abalone (f346) IgE
38766 Abalone (f346) IgE
38766 Abalone (f346) IgE