Kappa/Lambda Light Chains, Free with Ratio, Urine : 11233

Test Code
UKLCHQ or 11233

Alias/See Also
Immunoglobulin Free Light Chains

CPT Codes

Collect Random (preferred) or 24-hour Urine. No Preservatives.

Transport Container
Submit 2 mL (Min: 1 mL) aliquot of a random urine or an aliquot of a well-mixed 24-hour urine in a standard screw cap transport container.

Transport Temperature

Specimen Stability
Ambient: 7 days; Refrigerated: 21 days; Frozen: 30 days

Reject Criteria (Eg, hemolysis? Lipemia? Thaw/Other?)
Microbial contaminated;gross hemolysis


Setup Schedule
Monday - Saturday

Report Available
2-4 days (From receipt at performing laboratory)

Reference Range
Kappa Light Chain, Free, Urine:    < or = 32.90 mg/L
Lambda Light Chain, Free, Urine:    < or = 3.79 mg/L
Kappa/Lambda Light Chains Free with Ratio, Urine:     < or = 8.69

Performing Laboratory
Quest Diagnostics

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