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Reference Range
CSF GLUCOSE mg/dL 0Y 00M F 40-70 0Y 00M M 40-70

Clinical Significance
The glucose concentration in CSF is maintained by both facilitated transport and simple diffusion. Glucose is removed from the CSF by transport across capillaries and arachnoid villi. Glucose is also utilized by cells lining the ventricular cavities and subarachnoid spaces. As a result, it normally takes several hours for the serum glucose to equilibrate with the CSF glucose. The normal CSF-to-serum glucose ratio is approximately 0.6; ventricular CSF has a higher glucose concentration than CSF in the lumbar space by 6 to 18 mg/dL (0.33 to 1.0 mmol/L) [24].

Performing Laboratory
LMH - Chemistry  x3739 or 3764

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