AFB Culture

Test Code

Alias/See Also
Mycobacteria Culture
AFB Smear and Culture

CPT Codes

AFB Smear
AFB Culture

Preferred Specimen
Respiratory specimens including expectorated and induced sputum, bronchial and tracheal aspirates, broncheoalveolar lavage (BAL), bronchial washing, fine needle biopsy, or lung biopsies, submitted in a sterile leakproof container.
Other specimens include urine, gastric lavage, tissue and lymph nodes, bone, CSF, pleural fluid, synovial fluid, pericardial fluid, peritoneal fluid, ascites, and stool, submitted in a sterile leakproof container.
Blood and bone marrow specimens collected in a sodium heparin (green-top) tube.

Other Acceptable Specimens
Collect 2-10 ml in a sterile and leakproof container. Specimens should be refrigerated upon collection.
Specimen must be sent to the Maine State Lab in a 50mL conical tube.

Sputum (first-morning specimens collected on three consecutive days) always collected on separate days, CSF (>3ml), tissue (placed in a sterile screw cap cup with sterile water), bronchial washing, gastric washing, pleural fluid, blood (green top heparinized tube), urine (minimum of 40ml, first morning midstream specimens collected on three consecutive days; small volume urines and 24 hr pooled specimens are unacceptable), stool.  Swabs are not acceptable.  Specimens for mycobacterial culture must be collected and/or received in sealed leak-proof containers.

Transport Temperature

Specimen Stability
Samples should arrive at the Maine State Laboratory within three days.

Reject Criteria (Eg, hemolysis? Lipemia? Thaw/Other?)
Swabs are not acceptable.

Microscopic Examination Culture

Setup Schedule
Monday - Friday

Report Available
Negative Culture - Finalized at 6 weeks

Performing Laboratory
Maine Health and Environmental Testing Laboratory
221 State Street
#12 State House Station
Augusta, ME 04333-0012

Additional Information
Maine State Lab - Detection of Mycobacterium species (TB) by culture LSIS

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