Organic Acid Analysis, Urine

Test Code

Alias/See Also
Organic Acids, Qualitative, Urine

Quest Code

CPT Codes
82570, 83919

63 Organic Acids
Creatinine, Random Urine

Preferred Specimen
3 mL Urine AND 13 mL Urine; submitted in 2 sterile urine transport containers

Minimum Volume
0.5 mL Urine and 4 mL Urine

To prevent delays in testing, the laboratory requests the receipt of two labeled containers: One standard urine transport container (or standard tansport tube) containing specimen for organic acid analysis. --AND-- One standard transport tube labeled for creatinine analysis - used for normalizing urine results. If volume is less than 4 mL, call the Biochemical Genetics Laboratory for instructions.
Do not use preservatives. Avoid fecal contamination of urine.

Transport Temperature

Specimen Stability
Room temperature: unacceptable
Refrigerated: unacceptable
Frozen: 28 days

Gas Chromatography / Mass Spectrometry (GC/MS)

Setup Schedule
Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday a.m.

Report Available
5 days

Clinical Significance
Organic acidurias are a group of inborn errors of metabolism that may lead to acute life-threatening illness, developmental delays, and metabolic decompensation. Positive results may warrant confirmation by alternative specific methods.

Performing Laboratory
Quest Diagnostics Nichols Institute
San Juan Capistrano, CA

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