Test Code Test Name
8503 Cytomegalovirus Antibody (IgM)
6732 Cytomegalovirus Antibodies (IgG, IgM)
CVG Cytomegalovirus Ab, IgG (CMV IgG)
CXSTP Culture, Sterility for Pharmacy
CXYEA Culture Yeast Only (Yeast (Only) Culture)
CXWDS Culture Wound (Superficial) (Wound (Superficial) Culture)
CXWDD Culture Wound (Deep) (Wound (Deep) Culture,Deep Wound Culture)
CXVRE Culture VRE Screen (VRE Screen,VRE Culture)
CXURN Culture Urine (Cystoscopic urine culture,Urine culture)
CXTRP Culture Transfusion Rxn,Blood, Patient
CXTRN Culture Transfusion Reaction, Unit
CXTIS Culture Tissue (Tissue Culture)
CXTHR Culture Throat (Throat Culture)
CXGRB Culture Strep Group B (Strep screen genital,Group B Strep Genital Culture)
CXGRA Culture Strep Group A
CXSTO Culture Stool (Enteric pathogens,Stool Culture)
CXRES Culture Respiratory
CXSAS Culture Pre-Surgical Nares Screen for MRSA and MSSA
CXNOS Culture Nose (Nasal culture,Nose Culture)
CXMRS Culture MRSA Screen
CXMRA Culture MRSA Admission Nares Screen
CXGON Culture Gonorrhoeae
CXGEN Culture Genital
CXFNS Culture Fungal, Skin,hair or nails (Fungus Culture Skin Hair Nail, Fungal Culture Skin Hair Nail)
CXFNB Culture Fungal, Blood (Blood Culture Fungus,Fungal Culture Blood, Fungus Blood Culture)
CXFUN Culture Fungal (Fungal Culture, Fungus Culture)
CXFLD Culture Fluid
CXENV Culture Environmental
CXCFR Culture Cystic Fibrosis (CF respiratory culture and Gram stain)
CXCOR Culture Cornea (Cornea Culture)
CXTIP Culture Catheter Tip
CXBLD Culture Blood
CXANA Culture Anaerobic
CGLU CSF Glucose
SYCRY Crystal,Synovial Fluid
CRYAS Cryptococcal Antigen, Serum (Cryptococcus antigen Serum)
CRYAG Cryptococcal Antigen, CSF (Cryptococcus antigen CSF,CSF Cryptococcal Antigen)
CRPHS CRP, Cardiac (Highly Sensitive CRP,Cardiac CRP,hsCRP)
UCRER Creatinine, Urine, Random
UCR24 Creatinine, Urine 24 Hour (Urine Creatinine 24 Hour)
CREA1 Creatinine, Serum
CREAO Creatinine, Serum
FCREA Creatinine, Fluid
CRECL Creatinine Clearance, Urine 24 Hour (Urine Creatinine Clearance 24 Hour)
CREAT Creatinine
CRP C-Reactive Protein (CRP inflammatory)
F23 Crab (f23)
CPEP C-Peptide
UCO24 Cortisol, Urine, 24 Hour (Urine Cortisol 24 Hr)
UCORR Cortisol, Urine Random
CORT Cortisol Serum, Timing NOS
CORTP Cortisol Serum PM
CORTA Cortisol Serum AM
F8 Corn (Maize) (f8)
CS13 CordStat 13
CS12 CordStat 12
CORD Cord Blood Eval.
CMPA Comprehensive Metabolic Panel w/Anion Gap
CMP Comprehensive Metabolic Panel (CMET)
618 Complement, Total (CH50)
353 Complement Component C4c
W1 Common Ragweed (w1)
17406 Collagen Type I C-Telopeptide (CTx)
F3 Codfish (f3)
F36 Coconut (f36)
UCOC Cocaine, Urine
CO2 CO2 (Carbon Dioxide)
CMCVP CMC Vegetable Allergen Panel
CMCSP CMC Seed Allergen Panel
CMCSS CMC Seafood/Shellfish Allergen Panel
CMCRP CMC Respiratory Allergen Panel 8 (Respiratory Allergy Panel )
CMCPE CMC Pediatric Food - Environment Panel
CMCNP CMC Nut Allergen Panel
CMCNE CMC Northeast Region Allergen Panel 23
CMCLP CMC Legume Allergen Panel
CMCHP CMC Hymenoptera Allergen Panel
CMCFR CMC Fruit Allergen Panel
CMCFP CMC Food Allergen Panel
CLIN Clinitest (Reducing substances urine)
F207 Clam (f207)
CK8 CK, Reflex CKMB if greater than 800 (Creatine Kinase)
CK1 CK, Reflex CKMB if greater than 100 (Creatine Kinase)
CKMB CK MB Fraction
CK CK (Creatine Kinase)
LDL Cholesterol, LDL (Direct LDL,Low-Density Lipoprotein Cholesterol,LDL Cholesterol)
HDL Cholesterol, HDL (HDL Cholesterol)
CHOL Cholesterol
UCLR Chloride,Urine, Random
UCL24 Chloride, Urine 24 Hour
FCL Chloride, Fluid
CL Chloride
CTNG Chlamydia trachomatis/N. gonorrhoeae RNA TMA (GC and Chlamydia amplification,Neisseria gonorrhoeae and C. trachomatis)
F242 Cherry (f242)
CSFCC Cell Count with Differential, CSF (CSF Cell Count with Differential)
CSFC2 Cell Count for Two Tube, CSF (CSF Cell Count and Diff for Two Tube)
BFCNT Cell Count and Diff, Fluid (Body Fluid Cell Count and Diff,Fluid Cell Count and Diff)
F85 Celery (f85)
CBCND CBC With Platelet No Differential (Hemogram,HGM,CBC No Diff)
CBCWD CBC With Platelet and Differential (Hemogram with Diff,Complete Blood Count with Diff)
CBCM CBC With Differential (Manual) (Hemogram with Diff,Complete Blood Count w/Manual Diff)
4646 Catecholamines, Fractionated, 24-Hour Urine (without Creatinine) [318X]
E1 Cat Dander - Epithelium (e1)
F202 Cashew (f202)
F31 Carrot (f31)
7352 Cardiolipin Antibodies  (IgA, IgG, IgM)
CARBA Carbamazepine Level (TEGRETOL)
UCALR Calcium,Urine, Random (Urine Calcium Random)
UCA24 Calcium, Urine 24 Hour
306 Calcium, Ionized
CA Calcium
CA125 CA-125
4698 CA 19-9
XPCTR C.trachomatis, DNA  (Chlamydia Trachomatis, Amplification)
XCTNG C.trachomatis, DNA / N.gonorrhoeae, DNA (Chlamydia Trachomatis/ Neisseria Gonorrhoeae, Amplification)
CTRNA C. trachomatis RNA, TMA (Chlamydia amplification,C. trachomatis RNA amplification TMA)
XPCDF C. difficile DNA PCR