Test Code

Preferred Specimen
3.0 ml Serum

Transport Container

Transport Temperature

Specimen Stability
Centrifuge within 1hr of collection. Stable for 24 hrs at room temperature. Store at 2°-8°C for 3 days, or freeze for up to 14 days

Reject Criteria (Eg, hemolysis? Lipemia? Thaw/Other?)


Setup Schedule
Mon - Sun

This test is not affected by the presence of bilirubin up to 30 mg/dL, hemoglobin up to 500 mg/dL, triglycerides up to 1000 mg/dL and rheumatoid factor up to 70 IU/mL..

Clinical Significance
Ceruloplasmin determination is useful in cases of central nervous system diseases of obscure etiology. Low levels of ceruloplasmin occur in Menkes’ syndrome, nephritic syndromes and in some cases of advanced liver diseases. High levels of ceruloplasmin occur in a variety of neoplastic and inflammatory states.

The CPT Codes provided in this document are based on AMA guidelines and are for informational purposes only. CPT coding is the sole responsibility of the billing party. Please direct any questions regarding coding to the payor being billed. Any Profile/panel component may be ordered separately. Reflex tests are performed at an additional charge.